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2.1 Connecting

I'll assume that you have already successfully installed jabber.el; if not, consult the README file. Also, make sure you have (require 'jabber) in your .emacs.

Now, type M-x jabber-customize. This brings up a customize buffer for jabber.el. The most important variables to customize are jabber-username and jabber-server.1 Save your changes, and type M-x jabber-connect to connect.

If you do not yet have a Jabber account, you can register one. Enter your desired username for jabber-username and the server you wish to use for jabber-server, save, and type C-u M-x jabber-connect or C-u C-x C-j C-c. If the server supports in-band registration, you will be presented with a registration form to fill out and send. There the username you chose will be prefilled. Don't change it, otherwise jabber.el will be confused.

If you successfully connect, jabber.el will download your roster and display it in a buffer called *-jabber-*.

By default, you will appear as “online” to your contacts. To change this to e.g. “away”, type M-x jabber-send-presence or C-x C-j C-p. See Presence, for more information.

To disconnect, type M-x jabber-disconnect or C-x C-j C-d.


[1] See Connection settings, for other things you might have to change.