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15.6 Hooks

jabber.el provides various hooks that you can use for whatever purpose.

This hook is called after successful connection and authentication. By default it contains jabber-send-current-presence (see Presence). The hook functions get the connection object as argument.

This hook is called when you have been disconnected for unknown reasons. Usually this isn't noticed for quite a long time.

The hook is called with one argument: the connection object.

This hook is called just before voluntary disconnection, i.e. in jabber-disconnect, the command to disconnect all accounts. There is currently no hook for disconnection of a single account.

This hook is called after disconnection of any kind, possibly just after jabber-lost-connection-hook.

This hook is called when a new chat buffer is created.

This hook is called when a new browse buffer is created.

This hook is called when the roster buffer is created.