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2.3 Connecting

Now, type C-x C-j C-c and enter your JID and password. If you successfully connect, jabber.el will download your roster and display it in a buffer called *-jabber-roster-*.

By default, you will appear as “online” to your contacts. To change this to e.g. “away”, type M-x jabber-send-presence or C-x C-j C-p. See Presence, for more information.

To disconnect, type M-x jabber-disconnect or C-x C-j C-d. Use M-x jabber-disconnect-one to disconnect just one account (or just type C-u C-x C-j C-d).

If you don't want to type your JID every time you connect, you can save it in the variable jabber-account-list. See Account settings. If you configure more than one account, all of them will be connected when you type C-x C-j C-c, as that key is bound to jabber-connect-all. To connect only one account, possibly one that's not in your list, type M-x jabber-connect or C-u C-x C-j C-c.